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Nelliyampathi Tourism

Nelliampathi is a popular hill station 60 km away from Palakkad in Kerala a small state in south India. It is famous for its tea and coffee plantations and the excellent weather condition. The journey to Nelliampathi itself is an experience. The only route is from Nemmara, from where the first town of Nelliampathi, namely Kaikatty junction, is at a distance of 26 km. At the 9th kilometer is the Pothundi Dam, a small irrigation dam which provides water for the rice fields in the surrounding area. The dam is at the foot of the Nelliampathi hills. From here, the road winds up for the next 17 km, with many hairpin turns on the way. Immediately after Pothundy dam, comes the government forest, where one can see massive teak trees. The road is very narrow and requires a skilled driver behind the wheels. On the way, one can see wild animals like monkey, deer and porcupine. The view of the Pothundy dam from the height is a breathtaking sight. There will be many waterfalls by the roadside during the rainy season.

Fauna of Nelliampathy(Nelliampathi) Hills

Lying at the southern tip of Palakkad(=Palghat) gap, Nelliampathy hills are known for its exquisite fauna. About 215 species of birds and 90 species of butterflies has been recorded from these hills. Some of the rare species of birds include Grey-breasted Laughing Thrush, Great Pied Hornbill, Jerdon's Baza, Great Black Woodpecker, Oriental Broad-billed Roller, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Broad-tailed Grassbird and Nilgiri Pipit. Primates including Lion-tailed Macaque, Bonnet Macaque and Nilgiri Langur are seen here. A small population of endangered Nilgiri Tahr is also seen in the grassy peaks.

Places near Kaikatty

A small mountain stream in the Nelliampathi mountainsThere are many places worth seeing near Kaikatty. One such place is Kesavanpara, which offers a panoramic view of the land below. The tea producer A.V.Thomas & Company has a large tea garden under its Manalaroo Estate nearby. Manalaroo Estate is the highest yielding Tea estate in India. One can buy fresh tea from their garden outlet in their factory. The Orange and Vegetable Farm, run by the Government of Kerala has its office and farm near Kaikatty. The Farm sells squashes and jams of fruits like pineapple, orange, passion fruit and guava. Vegetables like brinjal, bean, chilly and spinach are also sold. Further ahead, there is another tea garden and factory owned by Veekay Tea Company under its Chandramala Estate. All the tea and coffee plantations were originally started by the British. These were later on sold to the natives. The British were very conscious and responsible about the ecology of the area, utilizing the natural resources what was absolutely necessary.

The houses built by the British for themselves and their managers were constructed taking into consideration, the cold climate of the region. The walls and floors are wood lined to provide insulation, with fireplace to provide heating. They also maintained good gardens in front of these houses.

Another famous tourist attraction is the Seetharkundu. It is believed that Rama, Lakshmana and Sita of the epic Ramayana had lived in the place and Sita used to offer worship with the water from a small stream. This is the Seetarkundu,which can be viewed from the top of the mountain. Far away, the dams at Chulliar and Meenkara and the town of Kollengode can be seen.

Even though the place is far away from the mainland, there is excellent communication facility provided by the Telephone exchange of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. The telephone exchange is of the latest digital technology, connected to the outside world by optical fiber cable. Now a mobile tower also in place with range right through the ghats. The ghat road which was very narrow and scary is being widened and the work is expected to be completed within a year or two. The workers in the plantations are mostly of Tamil origin. They are provided with labor quarters comprising of four to five units in one line, 'padi' in local language. Manalaroo Estate runs a school and a hospital for the workers and their children.

Nelliyampathy, spread over 82 sq km, has the highest peak at Nellikotta which is also called Padagiri. The hills dipped in the pristine beauty of nature are sprinkled with picturesque tea, coffee, cardamom, vegetable and orange plantations.

The hills of Nelliyampathy are a delight to adventure lovers and trekkers. The Community Hall at Kaikatty serves as an ideal camping place for trekkers. The temperature at these ranges vary from 15 degree celsius in December to 30 degree celsius in April. The lovely climate and green magic of the hills provide an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

How to reach

Nearest Airports: Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore
Nearest railway stations: Palakkad and Trichur.

From Airport: Come to Trichur - 30 km, Take a taxi to Nemmara or by bus from Trichur bus stand to Nemmara - 35 km. From Palakkad: By taxi or bus to Nemmara - 30 km.

From Nemmara you can take a taxi or better four wheel vehicles.


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